Profero's Lean Methodology

How to Implement Lean Correctly

Profero's unique method brings an organization successfully along their Lean journey by laying the groundwork that ensures long term, positive change.


LEAN LEARNER - The first step is to learn the Lean concepts. Profero uses real-world examples based on the fundamental principles of Lean.


LEAN ACHIEVER - This is the “roll-up-your-sleeves”, where you put the knowledge to practice, the “get out there and do it” phase. Profero’s Lean Experts are there to coach, lead, guide and facilitate your events in conjunction with your team.


LEAN THINKER - This is when people attain the “ah-ha” moment, when they realize that this does make sense and that they wouldn’t want to do it any other way. Whenever they approach a problem or situation they automatically, even subconsciously, use Lean to make improvements.


Your Lean Journey

This is a cycle that repeats over and over again. You learn a little about Lean, apply it, see the results and then it becomes your way of thinking. This continues to happen as you learn more and more about Lean.



Why Profero?

What makes us different from other Lean Practitioners? There are several advantages to the Profero approach.


  • We never use a cookie cutter approach. We tailor each Lean implementation program to fit your organization.
  • Profero helps you focus on the development of a long-term strategy view combined with measurable results.
  • We avoid the common pitfalls of many Lean implementations including lack of proper preparation, poor communication and an unhealthy focus on short-term gains instead of long-term progress.
  • Profero professionals help integrate Lean concepts into your operational and annual plan reinforcing and improving, not abandoning solid systems that are already in place.


Knowledge Transfer is the Key

Profero firmly believes in knowledge transfer. In order to sustain Lean, you have to have Lean Champions (subject matter experts) on staff. Profero can get you up to a sustaining level of Lean faster than if you  learned and tried to apply it yourself.


What Profero clients say:

  • “Profero brings fresh ideas to projects and not just the methods.”
  • “You back up what you say with actions and the results are evident.”
  • “You take the time to understand our needs and tailor the program accordingly.”

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