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Through our experience, many companies need to start with some basic fundamentals and set the direction for their Lean efforts. That's where Profero came up with the idea for "Fast Path". Fast Path is a week-long engagement where Profero's Lean Experts will get to know your business, hold a Lean Overview class for key personnel, and get you started on your first Value Stream Map. 


Day 1: You have two options to choose from: Gap Analysis: Profero experts will spend a day with key people to better understand your organization and will recommend top opportunities. Executive Overview: Profero experts will spend a day with the top leaders of your organization. The initial working Lean Implementation Plan is started.


Day 2: We will hold a Lean Overview class with up to 20 employees who will be in the Value Stream Mapping Event. This class is conceived in a very interactive style with hands-on exercises.


Day 3-5: Profero experts will lead your team through the four step process for Value Stream Mapping.


Benefits of Fast Path


This is not a cookie cutter approach - Profero will take the time to learn about what makes you unique by walking the flow, performing interviews, and making observations. 

  • Up to 20 key employees can attend the Lean 1-day Overview session to learn the Lean basics.
  • By using Value Stream Mapping to create your Process Family Matrix, draw your Current State Map, develop a Future State Map and create your draft Plan to get to your Future State, you will have a solid basis on which to start your Lean journey.
  • Most importantly, this is team-based - this gets your people involved and engaged right from the beginning.


Profero Offerings

  • Fast Path
  • Fast Path Plus
  • Executive Lean Overview
  • Lean Overview
  • Value Stream Mapping


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