Hoshin Kanri / Policy Deployment

Strategic Planning Alignment


Policy Deployment (a.k.a. Hoshin Kanri) aligns functions and activities with critical strategic goals by developing clear and aligned actions, timelines, measures, and responsibilities. This powerful strategic deployment planning program has helped many companies remained focused on what’s important in the long-term while executing tactical day-to-day critical operations. It matches available resources with key activities so only activities that are desirable, important, and achievable are authorized.



Profero’s Lean experts are well versed in strategic planning and the methodologies of Hoshin Kanri. Our robust, easy-to-learn process allows an organization to determine its path towards continued success. We go considerably beyond the typical Vision, Mission, Value Statements, Environmental Scans and SWOT analysis of strategic planning. Our team based approach also incorporates:


  • Plan-Do-Check-Act
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria and Porter’s Five Forces
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Gap Analysis and Drivers-Means-Outcomes
  • X-box Relationships
  • Tree Diagrams and Process Decision Program Charts
  • Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Maps
  • Catchball
  • Five Year Plan and Swim lanes
  • Scheduled Reviews

Hoshin planning will help an organization develop breakthrough innovations, is a cornerstone to communication, builds buy-in and strengthens deployment throughout all levels.


Benefits of Policy Deployment

  • Management will have a solid understanding what are the most important initiatives for the long-term success of your organization, it helps to refocus on fundamentals
  • Everyone knows what is expected of them and how they will help fulfill the goals and objectives of the company
  • Follows and structured process that brings forth a clear unifying plan on a few specific, key items
  • Allows for day-to-day and breakthrough efforts
  • It successfully coordinates activities of multiple functions and areas


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